The new edition

article-2242350-05713C6D0000044D-466_306x423 Of course I’m talking about the new royal edition 4.0, ie, HRH The Prince of Cambridge.  Congrats to the new parents! No “Christian” name will be announced any time soon but I’ll say George, David, or Richard.  Or a combination of those. None of those names are “in use.” I’d also say auburn hair and blue eyes.

  • George is patron saint of England.
  • David is patron saint of Wales.
  • Richard (also an English saint) is a safe choice though, as its illustriousness combined with its lack of use by anyone else in the family circle makes it appropriate. And HRH Cambridge was born on the cusp of Leo, so Richard the Lionhearted II?

Henry is possible because, like William, it’s a name from the Norman Line. However, it’s probably too much like Harry.

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