Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . Hey! I’m talking to you!


A friend gave me a black mirror (or Claude glass). It’s a piece of glass with one side painted black. If you then hold it up to something, it allows you to better see a scene’s values –that is, which objects in the scene are lightest, which are darkest. Supposedly, it reduces and simplifies the image so one can get to the essence of it.

Sometimes I look at myself in the glass and I wonder, in life, what are my highlights, what are my darks, what are my middle values. Most people, after all, do have some sort of scale. But the truth is, I’m horrible with values.


Values don’t make any sense to me. I can’t see them. So I can’t see the point of them.  Color makes sense to me. Life is in color. I totally see the point of color.


Come to think of it, that really explains a lot. Guess I’ll be regifting that mirror.

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