Left holding the bag?

By that wonderful artist, Karin Jurik!

By that wonderful artist, Karin Jurik!

I love language. Sometimes I hear a phrase and my mind just wanders off on a ramble through the halls of verbiage (my favorite hangout after museums). Today it all began with someone saying bag lady.

A bag lady is a homeless woman. But a bag man collects money for criminals.

Carpetbags are beautiful. But carpetbaggers, not so much.

Sandbags are great in a flood. Being sandbagged, totally different.

Saddlebags can go either way, depending on whether you own a horse!

Sleazebags, scumbags, dirtbags and doucebags should all be avoided.

Moneybags are always nice to have around though.

Windbags are often a deadly bore. But airbags are a lifesaver.

Getting mailbags? Lovely!

Packing travel bags? Oh such fun!

Playing with beanbags on the beach? Awesome.

Ok, must grab my ol’ kitbag.

Meeting an old friend to share a baguette (the bread, not a diamond)!


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