Far worse than doing one’s taxes


I’m not sure why, but people seem to assume that because one works with a pen one must love filling out forms.  And while that is true sometimes, it does not mean said pen pusher wants to do your taxes! Not even with TurboTax!

There is only one thing worse than doing one’s taxes, it’s doing someone else’s taxes. This holds especially true if said someone is an elderly relative whose idea of book keeping involves a large leather-bound ledger kept entirely in illegible Old German script.

I won’t go into detail — that would lead to explicit language — but suffice it to say I hope there’s a special sort of heaven for those who make their living preparing other’s taxes!

This Way, Mr Block.

This Way, Misters H & R Block.

3 thoughts on “Far worse than doing one’s taxes

  1. GOOD LUCK THROUGH TAX SEASON!!! I’ve had friends who parents would like ship them off during tax time so they would work strait through. it was like cramming for finals!!! They made the bulk of there money then so it worked out!

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