The conversation

It's ok. I still love you.

It’s ok. I still love you.

Me sitting at Starbucks with a friend, 20 miles from my hometown. Cellphone rings.

Me: Hello, Gran. Is everything ok?

Gran: Yes, I’m just calling to tell your alarm has been going off.

Me: What alarm?

Gran: On your phone. It’s been going off for a while. To remind you to take your  medication.

Me (sigh, long pause) holding my phone: Gran, it’s not my phone, because I have my phone with me. I’m talking to you on it. It must be your phone alarm.

Gran (adamant): No, it’s not my phone. It’s yours.

Me: Are you on your phone now?

Gran: Yes.

Me: And do you hear the ringing still?

Gran: No.  But it’s not my phone that’s been ringing.

Me: Maybe it was your house phone and not your cell phone.

Gran: Well, look, I just called to tell you your alarm went off, ok?

Me: Ok.  Did you take your medication?

Gran: Of course.

Me: Ok. Love you, Gran. I’ll stop by on my way home. Ok.

Gran: Ok. Bye.

Me: Bye.

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