Chew on this a while


This is Chew Chew, in his Ching Ching (begging) pose.  Chew is from NY. I can totally relate to such adorableness. C’est moi! And his bio sounds a lot like mine too. Scary thought.

Ching-Ching pose is how ChewChew says greets everyone. Strangers think he’s saying hello or good bye to them. They are impressed by his begging. Silly strangers! Poor ChewChew is begging for your attention! That is so me.

Some say he could work on his anger. Uh, I’ll cop to that.

He really dislikes not getting his way. Totally me.

His happy place is work. Right on!

He loves nom-nomming on Chicken. Rosemary Garlic Chicken, mmmmm.

His guilty pleasures include playing with friends. Yep.

His dream is to one day be able to play with all the puppies and humans in the world…. It’s a big dream, but doable.

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