Let Those Leeches Go!


See this bowl of leeches? Would you ever pull a leech out and stick it on your person? Ever?

No? I didn’t think so.

But many people walk around covered in leeches. Some they put on themselves, some others stuck to them. And the thing about leeches is, as long as your willing to feed them, they not only hang on, they grow.

This year, do yourself a favor. If you find yourself being sucked dry by a physical leech (some person/friend/intimate/coworker) or emotional leech (of fear, hatred, grief, regret, bitterness) pluck it off and walk away.

It’s that simple.

One thought on “Let Those Leeches Go!

  1. OH SO WELL TIMED!!!! I was just thinking about how many people take and take and how i am getting them out of my life and QUICKLY!!! As to not let them pile up again LOL!!! Thanks for this!

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