The Paperwhites





So Winter Fling (think Aragorn, but with less of an accent) brought me a plastic bag stamped Home Depot the other night. Romantic? Yes.


It contained a box of paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus to be exact), a plastic pot, and a ball of coir medium. Home Depot/science project/ daffodils? Fling totally gets me. Bless him.

Paperwhites are the perfect flower for indoor winter growing. They bloom in a few weeks, and fill your home with a wonderful musk scent. When they die back, you can plant them in the garden for next spring. Short-term pleasure; long-term joy.





I may have to keep Fling past New Year’s. Maybe till the start of Lent (Feb 13th)? But, then what about Valentine’s Day?

Oh, why does love have to be so complicated! Why can’t I just force it to bloom when I want and then when I’m done with it bury it out in the garden!





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