The Big Little Life

Last night as I was out walking in the park, I saw a few rabbits sitting around their territory. It’s not very big, that territory. They’ll never hop the few blocks down the road to say hi to the rabbits in my backyard (or, as they call it, their territory). But they seem ok with that.

The spider spinning her web above in a tree seemed happy to live on a gossamer web about the size of a dinner plate. I’ve heard cougar territory is not more than about 30 miles. A bear maybe a hundred miles. Several species of migrating birds are into the thousands.

I suppose a very famous, politically active, highly in demand, actor like George Clooney* has a territory stretching into the tens of thousands of miles. A global territory.

It made me wonder about how big a life one needs to be happy.

If your whole world fits on a dinner plate, why spin a web around the globe? The spider’s lifespan would not allow for the time it would take to spin such a web. And would there be any point? What would be the gain to the spider?

I’m not advocating people “settle” or minimize or downsize. I’m simply saying, I don’t think most people know who they are or what they are capable of, and even fewer understand what they are here in the world to do or what they need (and don’t) to live the biggest little life possible.

(*For the record, Clooney is probably a nice guy, but Indra much prefers ginger men, such as Kiwi author/actor/comedian Rhys Darby.)

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