Life Lessons from Opera

Carmen was right, Love truly is like a rebellious bird that you can never hope to tame. I realize that sitting here flipping through a Dec 2011 copy of Architectural Digest.

I’ve never become interested in anyone because of their looks. So it shouldn’t be that I’d wish to meet a man based on how his pied-à-terre is decorated. But so it is. As I turn the pages and gaze at the photos, a warm, peaceful, “I’m home.” feeling comes over me. It’s followed by the realization that someone else feels exactly the same.

Admittedly, the project benefited from his considerable assets and the meticulous execution of the design team, but none of this changes the fact it was his vision of home. I’ve stumbled across a kindred spirit. And yet . . . .

He’s built in Napoli. Hmm? No, I shouldn’t build a home in Naples. Not even a pied-à-terre. Sigh. We’re not suited after all. And Love is off, kiting on the winds of fate and chance, again.


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