The Figures in My Head

In essence, every head of state is a mere figurehead. It’s why I care so little about the actual politics of candidates. Politicians, like gamblers and courtesans, achieve maximum efficacy only through appearing to be honest.

Effective heads of state lie effortless, even beautifully. To the degree a presidential candidate lies well, I’m afraid, being the pragmatist I am, he has my vote.

A general stammer can be nerves and easily played off by an everyman. But by a head of state?  Oh no. The King’s Speech is a testament to that. Any serious politician understands flaws must be corrected and “tells” must be ruthlessly weeded out or those he represents will suffer.

Obama, young and inexperienced as he was, was careful to rid himself of his flaws and tells by the end of his first year in office. Romney still has not overcome the stutter that flags a forthcoming lie.

I really expected more of an older, experienced ex-governor. It’s possibly a sign of arrogance, or vanity, or an inadequately suppressed moral conscience — all of which are unfortunate in a head of state.

Mitt should really have paid more attention to Rafalca. A bridled tongue, nimble footwork, and good grooming can take one very far. And I should know.


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