Hello world!

Welcome to my new WordPress.com site, A Seat At The Feast! This is my very first post — I’m so proud.

 In this blog I plan to shameless shill my opinions, books, outlook on life, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

If you’re wonder what feast I’m referring to it’s the feast of life, people. Auntie Mame was right you know, life is a banquet but most just choose to starve! Not me, I’m taking a seat and eating till I have to loosen some corset strings.

I’m going to love the hell out of it all. From the small stuff, like shampooing the coffee stains out of my yoga carpet with as seen on TV Quick N Brite (yeah! proof that your stained life can be restored, ), and the big suff, like meeting God at the Pearly Gates (Lord, I hope that’s a heavenly bar serving champagne and red velvet cake).

Feel free to pull up a chair.


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